3 easy ways to improve your resume


Do you find yourself applying for tens, even hundreds of jobs each month with no success? Are you confident you could impress potential employers if you could only make it to interview stage? I’m sure these feelings resonate with many persistent job hunters but have you considered that something as simple as your resume may be holding you back?

Despite the importance of getting online and utilizing social networks such as Linkedin to the full when searching for a new job, your resume is still the first thing potential employers will seriously look at when considering whether they should hire you for a position. With this in mind, is there anything you can do to improve your resume? Actually, there is!

Here are 3 things you can do to improve your resume and make it fit for our modern world, a world where time is as scarce as it has ever been. We live in a world that likes to get its information quickly so you will find that most, if not all of these suggestions focus on getting the right information across to potential employers fast.

Make it relevant

Although our digital age seems to have been around forever, only when you look through something like your resume do you realize how quickly things have progressed in such a short time. Much of the experience you gained several years ago may now be irrelevant or outdated. Be sure to include your most recent and relevant work experience towards the top of your resume and consider stripping out or at least consolidating the irrelevant stuff. Obviously we don’t want to have unexplained gaps in work history but on the flip side giving too much time and space to irrelevant experience on your resume can quickly make you seem like a bit of a dinosaur, especially if a recruiter is only skim reading the initial batch of resume submissions, which leads us nicely on to our second point.

Consolidate it

If you have 200+ job applications for a position do you think you would have the time to read through every one in detail, especially the ones that are 10 or 12 pages long? Probably not. More than likely you would take a brief look at each resume and shortlist the ones that make a quick first impression and then look at those in more detail. What does this tell us? Don’t overfill your Resume with lots of pointless information. Get to the point and get there quickly. Also make sure you put the most important information like your relevant work experience higher up in your resume, rather than your qualifications. Yes your qualifications are important but if you portray these to be your main achievement in life then it may leave employers wondering if you are lacking the needed work experience.

Make it Role Specific

Have you been sending out the same tired old resume to every single job you apply for? Perhaps it would be better if you spent a little bit of time tailoring your resume to the role for which you’re applying, especially if your work history and experience is quite varied. Not only will it showcase that you have the needed skills for the job, it will also show that you care enough about the position for which you are applying to have taken the time to edit your resume accordingly.

Do you have any tips for creating a better resume? 

4 Responses to 3 easy ways to improve your resume

  1. I have resume phobia. As an actress, the resume layout is show/role/theatre so whenever I apply to non-theatre related positions I feel completely lost. Especially since all my professional work experience is as an actress.

  2. So much of what you have said in this post is true. I experienced screening applicants in my previous job from years ago and mostly, I base my shortlisting on the contents of the resume that is interesting and well-written but gives me many room to discuss further with the potential candidate.

  3. moneystepper says:

    Great tips – making it role specific is so important. I screen applications in my current job and I can’t believe the amount of irrelevant experience you see at the top of people’s applications!

  4. Whenever I review resumes at my job, I automatically toss out ones that have more than two pages. If you cannot consolidate your work, then I do not want to waste my time. Tough truth, but it’s how it works!

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