The Hardest Things in Life are Often the Most Worthwhile


Hey everyone, the weekend is here at last and I hope you’ve all got something nice planned. If you’ve not had chance to check into Money Rebound this week then be sure to pay us a visit today as we’ve published a couple of really great posts this week. Our Staff writer Jen from The Happy Homeowner wrote a great post showing us that money making doesn’t have to be a boring affair; instead it can actually be fun and exciting if you just take the time to think outside of the box. Then on Wednesday I published a post from a freelancer friend of mine Elisha talking about how she manages to balance working from home as a freelancer with being a full time mother. As Daisy from over @ Suburban Finance commented, most of us can only imagine how tough that must be!

Tough but Rewarding

It’s often the case in life though that the things that require the most effort are usually the most rewarding. Whether you’re working from home during tough economic times so that you can also be there to spend time with the kids, or perhaps you’re paying off debt or saving money, whatever your cause the most worthwhile things often require immense dedication and perseverance, but the rewards can also be truly life changing and enriching.

Unfortunately previous decades of easy credit and care free financial living have caused many of us to forget that and instead we tend to want things to come easily. The flip side of the principle that the hardest things are often the most worthwhile is that when things do come too easily to us, they tend to bring little or no lasting reward, in fact they can sometimes damage us. So if you’re struggling in your battle with debt, try not to let it get you down and instead take pride in your goal, knowing that your financial workout is actually strengthening you for a healthy, long term and financially fit future. A future you will be able to enjoy, free of the burden of debt. A future when you can spend your money not just on essentials but also on luxuries.  Not only will you be able to spend money on luxuries but you’ll be able to enjoy spending money on them, safe in the knowledge that you can afford them and that you won’t be paying for them for decades to come.

Your fight against debt may seem hard and at times even unachievable but it isn’t, many have won the debt battle before you and many are winning it as we speak, returning to financial freedom.

What worthwhile things have you struggled to achieve in your life?

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10 Responses to The Hardest Things in Life are Often the Most Worthwhile

  1. Greg@Thriftgenuity says:

    Thanks for the mention Adam! I definitely agree, the harder something is to obtain, the more you appreciate it. I like to think of something I read during marathon training. It said when you feel like giving up, just pretend you are just at the finish line with a huge crowd of friends and family cheering you on. Same applies for any difficult thing. Just keep thinking about how great it will feel to accomplish the goal and that will keep you going.

    • Adam | Money Rebound says:

      That’s a great way to look at things Greg and I’m always happy to mention great articles from other bloggers. Hope you’re having a nice weekend.

  2. We all treasure something that we worked hard for. If we achieved something so easily, we tend to disregard it after a while. What’s more fulfilling are those the hardest to achieve indeed. have a nice weekend.

  3. Most importantly never giving up and keeping the faith. Sometimes small gains are hard to look past and even setback push people into a corner. The right mind-set and understanding that one might fail before they move on or even succeed is imperative to getting ahead and learning from our mistakes and experiences. Thanks for the mention mate.

  4. I worked full time throughout my college education so that I could put myself through it, and it was so worthwhile! It was difficult juggling that much all at once, but I’m proud that I did it.

    • Adam | Money Rebound says:

      Hi Daisy, I can imagine it was difficult but to come out of college debt free must have been a great reward for your efforts.

  5. I think a lot of people get scared by the whole “What if I fail?” aspect of achieving anything that they don’t ever start. But you’re so right…once you take that first, hardest step and work really hard on it till the end, it can be the most rewarding experience ever!

  6. I know look forward to things when I know they are hard. It gives me something to shoot for and I have never been let down by a journey that was difficult. You will get the reward at some point.

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