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Workplace safety: when injuries arise

Your workplace, no matter how benign it might seem, is not a land of candy canes and lollipops. Even in an airy, benevolent office, you could slip, trip or fall in as much time as it takes to click your fingers.

The Biggest Financial Scams in History

6 April 2015 is fast approaching, and as some of the biggest reforms in UK pension history loom ever closer, the fear of retirees being conned out of their pension funds is becoming a major concern.

What Are Your Financial Goals For 2015?

The start of a New Year is a wonderful time to think about the changes you could make to your life.

While many people choose to eat better, do more exercise or visit their relatives more often, there is also the chance to improve your financial future. What financial New Year goals could you be setting just now?

Have you ever lost a friend over money?

We all know what it feels like to find ourselves in a tough spot financially. If you have never had to deal with financial problems then I feel absolutely happy for you, but I think that this won’t be the case for most people. The memories of financial strain can stay with us for a long time and when you see a friend going through a similar kind of trial it is more than natural that you might want to help them out by lending them a little money to tide them over until things improve. It’s not just friends either. The same is often true when family members are struggling financially too.

Should kids be given financial incentives to learn?

Soon enough it will be coming to that time again where our youngsters will hopefully be burying their heads into the books and trying to cram as much last minute knowledge into their brain as they can to succeed in passing their school exams.

I remember this time in my life well even though it was over 10 years ago – that’s quite a scary thought isn’t it! I remember walking out of my high school doors for the last time with a shirt full of marker pen signatures and well wishes from my friends knowing that I’d be back in just a few weeks’ time to face my final exams, a culmination of a lifetime of learning up until that point. If I was going to achieve my full potential in these exams then I was going to have to study long and hard during the ‘Study break’ we are given here in the UK before we take those final exams.