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When your car is stolen

What to Do if Your Car Gets Stolen

Now that summer is here, more people are on the road taking vacations and long weekends away. It is prime travel time and more vehicles have already popped up on the road since Memorial Day. Thieves like to target travelers and have certain things they look for when deciding to steal a car. If you’re hitting the road over the coming months, make sure you are prepared.


How to Find the Right Car for Your Lifestyle

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When it’s time to purchase a car, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. For instance, do you want a car that reflects who you are, or do you simply view your set of wheels as a means of getting around? Is flash and size more important than limiting gas consumption and carbon emissions? These are the sort of the things you might want to ask yourself as you embark on the journey of purchasing an automobile. Finding the right vehicle for your lifestyle is much like finding the perfect-fitting jeans: the environment/conditions you plan on cruising in dictates what is appropriate, a test-drive is a must prior to making the final purchase, and one size certainly does NOT fit all.


Is it ok to borrow money to buy a car?

‘Pay cash for everything or you’ll never have any money’

That was the advice given to me by a successful businessman when I first started out working for him at 17 years old, man that seems like a long time ago. He’d just bought a brand new Mercedes Sprinter van for his Kitchen business and paid cash for it. Now I’m sure there are many people out there, many accountants probably who might argue that there are more tax efficient ways to do things but I had to take my hat off to him, he’d done well for himself and he’s doing even better now.