Save Money While Keeping the Kids Happy

My daughter has now got to an age in which we could easily spend a fortune on her.

She wants to play in expensive parks all day, she is on her way to owning the world’s biggest collection of Barney DVDs and she will plead for us to buy literally any old piece of useless nonsense if it has the characters from Monster High on it.

In an attempt to try and keep our kid-based spending down we came up with a few ideas for keeping her happy for free or at little cost.

What Is Your Biggest Financial Regret?

We all have financial regrets that we look back on from time to time. This is perfectly normal and not something to be ashamed of.

In fact, it can do us good to think about these regrets now and then. Instead of trying to sweep them under the carpet we can then try and learn from them to avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

What Should You Invest In When You Create An App To Make Money?

Any app creation requires financial investments. This is always a given. The problem is that it is a lot harder now to invest money in the development process because of the fact there are so many available opportunities. Choosing the correct investments is always tricky and you will be tempted to buy so many different things from advertising to extra add-ons for the app you create. With this in mind, let us stay focused on what you ABSOLUTELY need to invest in as a failure to allocate a budget for these elements would inevitably lead towards losses.

Side Business Ideas #3 – Cab Driving

If you love to get behind the wheel then you might consider cab driving to be the best possible side business idea for you.

There is certainly a lot to be said for it. For a start, you are likely to be your own boss and will get to drive around and enjoy some freedom each day. However, there are a number of important points to consider before going ahead and starting to make money in this way.

Could you run a business from a self-storage unit?

A little while ago on our sister blog Money Bulldog I wrote a post about a program I’d seen on TV exploring the booming self-storage industry and how we just can’t seem to bear to get rid stuff even when we run out of room to store it at home. But it isn’t just our inclination to hoard that is contributing to the self-storage boom. Many people are using self-storage units for a variety of other reasons including to operate a business and not just a makeshift business, a full scale business in fact.