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The Hardest Things in Life are Often the Most Worthwhile

Hey everyone, the weekend is here at last and I hope you’ve all got something nice planned. If you’ve not had chance to check into Money Rebound this week then be sure to pay us a visit today as we’ve published a couple of really great posts this week. Our Staff writer Jen from The Happy Homeowner wrote a great post showing us that money making doesn’t have to be a boring affair; instead it can actually be fun and exciting if you just take the time to think outside of the box. Then on Wednesday I published a post from a freelancer friend of mine Elisha talking about how she manages to balance working from home as a freelancer with being a full time mother. As Daisy from over @ Suburban Finance commented, most of us can only imagine how tough that must be!

Speed up your Climb from Debt

Many debtors in the United States have adopted the mindset that once they are in debt, they will be stuck in that position for the rest of their lives. This need not be the case, and by following some proven pieces of advice, you will place yourself on the well-paved road towards financial freedom.

Don’t Worry About What Others Have or What They Think

Welcome to the first post on I was thinking about writing some sort of mission statement for our opening blog post but if you want to learn a little more about who we are and what Money Rebound is all about, then please look out for our upcoming about us page. For the time being though I just couldn’t wait to get blogging!