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Is It Time for a Financial Fresh Start?

When money worries get you down it can be hard to see where to go next. In fact, it can seem as though you are in a long tunnel with no sign of the light at the other end.

In that sort of situation one of the boldest things you can do is make a completely fresh start. How could you do this and make it work?

Simple Ways to Save Money

At the root of successful money management lies the ability to save. After all, if you’re not saving your money today, you may very well be setting yourself up for a financial disaster tomorrow. Unfortunately, when it comes to saving money, it’s often easier said than done.

Beach Vacations

Top Tricks for Saving Money on Summer Vacation

It’s summertime and the living is quite easy indeed. From longer days filled with sunshine to nights spent outside with friends and family, these are the days that most of us relish. In addition to the slower, lazier times summer brings with it is the addition of summer vacations. Done correctly, your vacation can be more about fun times and less about money stress and/or debt.

If you’re planning a vacation this summer, the following list of tips and tricks are the top ways I’ve employed over the years to get the most from my vacation buck.

Credit Card Debt? Kick it to the Curb with These Simple Steps

A recent report revealed that the credit card debt delinquency rate has fallen by over 50% since the financial crisis in the United States first broke out a few years ago. While this is great news, it still leaves a lot of room for improvement, no matter where you live, what you make, or who you are.

Building an Emergency Fund in 3 Easy Steps

Ahh…the emergency fund. There are many reasons why personal finance experts tout this as the first step towards reaching true financial independence. Whether it’s a small fund of $1K or a larger pool of cash that can cover your living expenses for an extended period of time, an emergency fund can mean the difference between coasting through a tough time with your finances in tact or facing financial ruin.