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7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Debt

Recent statistics suggest that we Brits could be heading for choppy waters. While personal borrowing is at a historical high, our savings are at their lowest ebb. Worse, inflation is putting up the price of groceries and fuel, squeezing the average household’s finances ever more.

As our disposable income shrinks it’s all too tempting to ignore your debt obligations to focus on the here and now. If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed with your debt situation and are considering defaulting consider these facts…

Staying in Control Once You’ve Paid off Debt

If you’ve gotten yourself into trouble with debt in the past and you are in the process of sorting the situation out, it might seem a little crazy to you right now to think that you will ever fall into the same trap again. Why would you allow yourself to be so reckless, right?

Indebtedness: How You Can Aid Those Closest to You

Being indebted or short of cash can be frightening, stressful, and depressing. For those watching from the side-lines, there is often a sense of powerlessness, married to a wish that you could help the person you care about to resolve their situation.

Dealing with Debt and Knowing Your Options

Increasingly, debt is a part of the average Briton’s everyday life. It has recently been reported that despite Britain’s record low unemployment rate of 5.1%, wage growth is practically non-existent, so despite the fact that you might be in gainful employment, you might not be earning enough money to cover your outstanding bills. Ultimately, this will only serve to get you further into debt, making your situation appear bleak and unmanageable.

Debt Payoff Tip – Be Realistic

Today we’re featuring one free chapter/tip from our eBook ’10 Top Tips for Paying Off Debt’. The book has been written to give encouragement and help to those who are looking to pay off debt and return to financial freedom!