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The World’s Best Rags to Riches Stories

We all love some good rags to riches stories, don’t we? The following are a few great tales of people who moved from humble situations to becoming some of the riches people on the planet.

What Is Your Best Ever Investment?

There are some things which can be classed as fantastic investments and others which are pretty poor financial ideas.

Throughout our lives we all make good and bad investments. With a bit of luck and some good judgment you will make far more good ones than bad ones over time. I wonder what has been your best ever investment to date? Could it be in one of the following areas?

Having a Low Cost Kid’s Party

Last month we threw a party for my little girl and we spent a fortune. Where we live it is traditional to hold a party in the nursery and invite all of the other children there.

In her nursery this meant inviting about 70 young children to join in. You would think that a bunch of under 5s would be a cheap crowd to invite to a party but the money just dribbled away on one thing and another.

This got me thinking about how I could make her party less expensive next year. The following are the best ideas I could come up with to make this happen.

Living Cheaply – How Cheaply Could You Live for a Week?

Have you ever had to get by for a week living cheaply on very little money? Maybe you had been waiting for your wages coming through and were left with virtually nothing to live on.

Thankfully, it has been a while since I last had to do this but I can still remember struggling to work out how to live on almost no money for a few days before pay day. Here are a few of the ideas for living cheaply which could help you scrape past without spending much money in this situation.

The Things Lying Around Your House That Are Worth Money

Have you ever stopped to wonder how much cash you could get hold of by selling everything you own? It is an interesting thing to do and you might be surprised at the final total you get. Of course that could mean that you are surprised in a good way or in a bad way.