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Money Related Proverbs That Make Perfect Sense

Have you ever heard a proverb about money and suddenly realized that it makes a lot of sense when you think about it?

There are plenty of money related sayings about, so which is your favorite?

What Would Financial Independence Mean for You?

We hear a lot about financial independence these days but what would it really mean for you and your loved ones?

You might think that the answer is obvious but it isn’t really. If you are planning to work hard on saving money and spending less then it is important that you understand what you are going to get out of this in the long run?

Tips to Avoid Money Envy

Let’s start off by being completely honest and admitting that feeling jealous of other’s people success is really, really hard to avoid.

Whether you envy the lifestyle of the rich and famous or whether you would like to have a car as nice as your neighbor’s new model, financial envy is a horrible feeling that we all need to battle to overcome at some point in our lives.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Investing

We all know that we should invest to make our money work harder, but that doesn’t make getting started any easier for some people.

There are many reasons that you could find for putting off your investing, so what reasons are there to encourage you to get started? The answer is that there are some excellent reasons for you to think about.

What Are the Best Ways of Getting a Cheap Family Vacation?

If you love getting away on vacation then you are sure to want to find ways of doing it as often as possible. Could getting more family vacations throughout the year make you happier and more united?

It is certainly worth trying to be creative in this respect, as the more you get away together the better your chances of enjoying a fantastic year. So how can you save some money on your future trips?