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Can You Afford a Pet? It’s Really Not That Cheap

My little girl has been nagging me to get a puppy for some time now. At first it was only the thought of cleaning up smelly little bundles of poop that put me off the idea. Then I started working out how much it could cost to have a pet and I realized that it is more expensive to buy and then keep a pet than I had thought.

Is Getting a Good Salary More Important than Having the Job You Really Want?

In an ideal world we would all work in jobs we love as well as receive a bumper salary. Sadly, this isn’t an ideal world and you might find yourself forced to make a decision at some point.

How many people do you know who say that they would love to be a carpenter or a gardener or a writer or whatever else but can’t because it doesn’t pay enough? Personally, I know about half a dozen people who have confessed to me that they hate their job and only do it because of the money. So how do you decide whether to choose a good salary or the job you really want?

What Would You Do If You Retired Early?

The idea of retiring early sounds great at first but what about when you start thinking about it more in depth? Maybe you will start to wonder about what on Earth you will do with all that free time.

Losing a set routine and suddenly being a person of leisure is something which might cause you some fear. Will you regret giving up work too early? The following are a few of the main points to consider when you think about whether or not to retire early.  

How the Internet Can Help You Invest More Wisely

We all want to invest in the best way possible but how can we go about this? One sensible approach is to let the internet be your friend and help you out.

With all of the information and advice currently available online it can be hard to know where to start with something like this. To help you out here are some of the best ways in which you can use the internet to invest more wisely.

Why It Is Never Too Late to Change Your Career

Have you ever felt the need to look for a new job but worried that it was too late for you to do it now?

I guess that this sort of thing happens to many of us at one point or another. After all, we all get into some sort of comfort zone when we are in a position to earn the money to pay our bills and live comfortably. It would be kind of silly to throw away all that stability just because you hate your job and want to kill your boss on a daily basis, wouldn’t it?