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Would a Health Problem Be a Financial Disaster for You?

If there is one thing which scares the life out of me it is the thought of being laid up in hospital. The only time I have had the misfortune to sample the dubious delights of hospital food and saline drips was when I was a kid, so I can remember very little about it.

What I (Would Probably) Hate About Being Filthy Rich

I need to start off with the disclaimer that I am not actually filthy rich. I don’t even think that I would want to be.

Sure, rolling around in giant piles of dollar bills would be fun at first. Buying caviar and Wagyu beef might give me a kick for a while as well. However, I think I would eventually end up hating being so rich that I could bathe in the finest champagne and buy my own islands.

Have You Got Haggling Skills?

Getting things for less money than they are worth sounds like a great way of spending less, doesn’t it?

We might pick up the odd bargain from time to time but if you want to spend less on a regular basis then perhaps it is time to work out whether you have haggling skills you could put to good use.

Does Your Career Offer You a Bright Future?

There are a lot of factors to take into account when considering whether or not you have chosen the right career.

If you think only of the financial side of things then you might earn good money but at some point you could find that you are bored of your job and looking for a change. On the other hand, if you just want to have a fun job then it might not give you the financial rewards you need in the long term. So how will you work out whether or not you have made the right choice?

What’s Stopping You From Investing?

We all know deep down that investing is something we should do. After all, this is the only way other than working that most of us are going to earn money during our lives.

If we decide not to ever invest money then we miss out on a huge possibility to multiply our earnings. So, it is worth considering what it is that stops people from investing and trying to make more money.