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Is it Too Late to Start Saving for a Pension?

Most young people won’t give a moment’s notice to the thought of saving for retirement. Yet, all across the nation, young people are beginning to worry about their pensions. This is because newspapers are reporting, with increasing regularity, on the importance of starting a pension pot when you are in your 20s, rather than leaving it until later.

Why You Need to Blend Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Everyone has their own unique trading style, and this is why some people are more successful than others in the trading world. Many newbie online traders and those who are still finding their way in the markets choose an approach that involves either fundamental analysis or technical analysis. This assumes that one of these methods can be used as a direct substitute for the other. Sadly, in the world of forex, this isn’t the case and, to be successful, you need a blend of both strategies, as this will make your strategy all encompassing. Here are 3 reasons why blending the two approaches provides you with the best option…