Financial Planning for Tomorrow While Living for Today

A big problem that many people have when planning for the future is that they let it affect the way they live today.

I am sure that at some point most of us dream ahead to our retirement years or to when we finally pay off our house or achieve whatever other financial goal we have set ourselves.


Why You Should Travel Before You Get Rich

If you aren’t currently rich then you probably plan to be so at some point. You might also be planning to travel in the future too.

It makes sense to wait until you are rich before going travelling. Or does it? What about the reasons for travelling before you get rich? There are a few of these reasons that are worth stopping to think about.


What is Leveraged Trading?

If you are currently trying to teach yourself the art of stock market trading, you may have heard the term leverage quite a lot. So what is leverage and how do people use it when trading stocks and shares?


Will Getting Wealthier Make You Healthier?

Have you ever noticed how so many wealthy people live to ripe old ages? John D Rockefeller lived to 97, Henry Ford got to 83 and Andrew Carnegie reached 83. Even the richest fictional characters like Smaug, Carlisle Cullen and Scrooge McDuck tend to be old and healthy.


Just One Stock for the Rest of Your Life?

OK, try to imagine you can pick out only one company’s stock and that all your savings and investments will be pumped into this stock over the years. You’re allowed to take the dividend yield, obviously, and you’re allowed to sell some of the company’s shares when you need some capital for something or other – but otherwise that’s it; just the one.