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4 Smart Ways to Save Money for Retirement

There are a million places you would rather be than sitting in your office cubicle, so why aren’t you saving for retirement so that you can finally give your notice and enter a life of leisure? You might not be able to retire at 30, but starting at a young age is the best choice for making sure you can support yourself after you’re done working. If you’re behind in the game, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to catch up. Start making your money work for you with these four tips.

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Britain’s generous over 50s spend £642 million per month on their kids and grandchildren

From trying out online dating to supporting their grandchildren financially – over fifties are becoming increasingly savvy, defying age-old stereotypes about their age bracket. 

Man Choosing Alternative Property Investment

4 Lesser-Known Property Investment Opportunities

Over the last few years many Brits have gone property crazy, snapping up buy-to-let homes like they’re going out of fashion. And while many property investors have done well out of the boom, there’s no denying the fact that the competition for suitable properties is getting ever tougher.

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How Crowdfunding changed the life of an 89-year-old Popsicle Seller

I want you to take a moment to Imagine this scenario. You’re 89 years old and for the past 23 years you have been selling popsicles out of a hand propelled street cart in your local neighbourhood. You’re unable to retire because you just can’t afford it, yet old age and health issues mean that you simply can’t continue on in the job. So, after much agonising, you decide to close your small business down and hope that you will somehow be able to make ends meet. Then, just 2 months into your retirement, your only daughter passes away leaving her children behind with nobody to care for them, nobody except you.

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How to Buy Ink and Toner Cartridges Online

These days, hardly anyone thinks of picking up a pen and writing a letter or a report on paper – we almost instinctively turn to our printers to get the job done for us. The advent of cloud printing and networked printers has made it even easier to produce hard copies of photos, letters and documents with a few swipes or clicks. Our printers are a huge part of our work lives and increasingly important in our home and personal lives as well.