5 IPOs You Wish You Had Bought Into

With the incredible success of the Shake Shack Initial Public Offering (IPO) recently it seems like a good time to look back and see what previous IPOs we wish we had bought into. It turns out that there are quite a few of them both last year and farther back in the past as well that could have left you with a very healthy gain.


What is an IPO?

When you look at all the different investment possibilities out there you might come across the term IPO. What does this mean and is it something you should be interested in?

nanny tax

Have a Nanny? The “Nanny Tax” Could Land You in Serious Trouble

Did you hire a nanny or au pair in the last year? Did you set him or her up with the proper tax documents? The IRS will question: are you paying your household employees correctly?


How Rich Do You Need to Be to Buy an NBA Team?

It is clear that we all have different hopes and dreams in life. One way in which this can be seen is the way in which we would all spend our fortune in such different ways after we had amassed it.

While some people would splash most of their new found wealth on sports cars and foreign mansions, there are others who would like nothing better than to buy a sports team. This looks like an expensive hobby, so how fabulously wealthy would you have to be to buy an NBA team and run it?


3 Common Issues That Could Be Ruining Your Financial Health

There are some obvious reasons why you could be struggling financially; poor pay, old debts or any one of a number of other reasons.

Having said that, what about the more unexpected issues you might never have thought about?